Basic Cleaning Package

Basic Cleaning Package

Basic Package Description Kitchen -wipe down all counters and kitchen table -wipe down the outsides of all appliances -clean the inside of microwave -wash dishes/load dishwasher -sweep & mop -empty garbage Bathrooms -wipe down all counters, sinks, mirrors and faucets -sanitize and wipe toilet -do a light scrub of showers and bathtubs -empty garbage -sweep & mop Bedrooms -beds made(linen changed upon request) -lamps cleaned and lamp shades dusted -picture frames dusted -furniture dusted-top, front and underneath -floors vacuumed and/or washed(underneath bed if accessible) -window sills cleaned(blinds dusted upon request) -baseboards dusted -empty garbage -mirrors cleaned -general straightening completed Living Room -pick up and straighten as needed -vacuum, sweep and mop -dust all dust-able surfaces General -sweep/vacuum all other areas of the house -mop all areas in the house

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